Dragon Ball fans are used to power scouters, but they are not used to reading its text. For so long, audiences have had to rely on the series to reveal the things going on with a scouter, but it seems that has changed thanks to a certain fan.

After all, the Saiyan language seen in the Power Scouters has been deciphered, and fans are ready to commit the alphabet to memory.

The lesson came courtesy of a Reddit user known as Summer Flux. The fan hit up netizens to share their discovery, and it is all thanks to Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

“Okay so you may have noticed that before DBS: Broly, there seemed to be no discernible pattern to what the scouters say. It was just a big jumble of shapes and symbols. But when watching the movie, I noticed (during the scene where Cheelai first sees Paragus) that the numbers rose in an orderly fashion,” Summer Flux wrote.

“We’ve all seen this kind of thing before, I immediately though [sic] of a gas pump. anyway it was super easy to just write out the numbers because the characters often state exactly what they’re seeing exactly. Once I saw that the numbers were just normal Arabic numerals, I figured the other characters might be standard text as well. Of course I couldn’t just figure out what any of it meant without a solid starting place. It took a while, but I found it. The first time the scientist scans Broly’s baby pod it reads out numbers and then blinks red with what I could only assume was an error message.”

As you can see above, Summer Flux went on to share the full Power Scouter alphabet with fans, giving them the chance to decipher messages on their own. Now, it’s just a matter of time before fans go back to Dragon Ball Z to translate long-lost messages, and it is all thanks to one keen-eyed fan.


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