Kamazo falls after being struck by Zoro’s attack.

As Gyukimaru takes one of Kamazo’s scythes and walks away, Zoro grows dizzy and faints from his wound.

Zoro wakes up in a house in the Northern Cemetery, and the woman tells him to keep lying down as she thanks him for saving her and Toko.

Zoro immediately attempts to leave to find Gyukimaru and Shusui, but the woman holds him back, inadvertently aggravating his wound. Toko offers Zoro some toad oil she stole to help heal the wound.
As Zoro receives the food and alchohol he had requested, the woman tells him about Gyukimaru, revealing that he ambushes everyone who comes to Oihagi Bridge to take their weapons.

Zoro then asks who they are, wondering why Kamazo was pursuing them. The woman says that they were forced to leave the Flower Capital after angering Orochi, and since she trusts Zoro, she decides to reveal that she is Hiyori, and she is looking for her older brother Momonosuke.


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