After all those years of watching Dragon Ball, have you ever wondered on How those Saiyans turn into Gigantic Apes?
What happens to their body when they transform? and what exactly is the explanation that they need a Full Moon to do it?

First, let’s have a quick overview on what are the Great Apes or Oozaru.

Great Ape or also known as Oozaru is a gigantic, anthropomorphic, Ape-like creature that Saiyans can
transform into at the full moon to maximize their power exponentially. Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files speculates that Saiyans were
originally Great Apes who gained intelligence and took on a humanoid form.

How Big and Strong they are?

Ape Gohan Vs Vegeta

Height: Estimated 50ft. Ten times the Saiyan height
Weight: Estimated 28 tons. 500 times the Saiyan weight
Power: 10 times the Saiyan’s Base Power level

One oddity about Great Apes is that they all seem to be about the same size, regardless of the person’s age or size in base form.
For example, Kid Gohan is much shorter than Vegeta, but when the two are in Great Ape form, they are roughly the same height.

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Now, lets proceed to the EXPLANATION on

How do Saiyans Transform into Great Ape (OOZARU)

Here are the Step by Step Process:

1.) A Saiyan’s EYES contain Pigments inside the RETINA.

What is a RETINA?
The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye on the inside. It is located near the optic nerve.
The purpose of the retina is to receive light that the lens has focused, convert the light into neural signals, and send these
signals on to the brain for visual recognition.

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The Pigments found inside the Saiyan’s RETINA can absorb Green Spectrum Radiation which can be found on the Sunlight
reflected by a Full Moon or any Planetary Body or an Artificial Full Moon.

When a Saiyan look straight at a Full moon, the Saiyan’s eyes will start absorbing the radiation.
A Saiyan needs to absorb 17.4 Million Xeno/Zeno per Second in order to trigger the transformation.

Xeno/Zeno is the Unit used in measuring the Amount of Radiation that the Saiyan absorbs.

(PS. the Terms “Green Spectrum Radiation” and “Xeno/Zeno” are only made up terms from Dragon Ball.)

Why does it have to be a Full Moon?

Only a Full Moon or a large enough Planetary Body like Earth can reflect such Amount of Radiation.

2.) After absorbing enough amount of Radiation, a Hormanal response will occur similar as to when Men gets erection over Sexy Women.

The Brain will send signal to the Saiyan’s tail through the spinal cord. A Saiyan’s TAIL contain Glands which is made up of Cells
that secretes Hormones or a certain Substance(we can call it Saiyan Hormone) that only the Saiyans have and is essential for the
Gohan’s TAIL reacting and starting to secrete the SAIYAN HORMONES to the bloodstream.

3.) As the Saiyan Hormones enter the bloodstream, it circulates in the blood then it targets all the cell in a Saiyan’s body.

Heart rate increases rapidly to speed up blood circulation making the Saiyan Hormones reach all the cells in a Saiyan’s body faster.
Goku’ s Heart Rate Increases Rapidly to deliver the Saiyan Hormones to all Body Cells in no time.

4.) When the Saiyan Hormone reaches all the Cells in the body, an Epigenetic Change will occur.

What is an Epigenetic Change?

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Epigenetic change is an heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that do not involve changes to the
underlying DNA sequence. It’s a change in phenotype without a change in genotype which in turn affects how cells read the genes.

So when an Epigenetic Change occurs, All the Cells in the Saiyan’s body will start to read the Saiyan Genes or the DNA sequence

It will change the Gene expression without altering the DNA sequence in order to prevent Permanent Mutation.

Therefore, the Phenotype which is the Saiyan’s Humanoid Appearance will change and transform into the Great Ape but
the Genotype which is the DNA sequence is still the same.

Image result for phenotype and genotype

The Saiyan Hormone regulates this Epigenetic change.

This also mean that the Saiyan’s DNA sequence has 2 alternate readings.

Think of it as to when you read a Number 6 upside down, you will see a number 9 right?

Same as the Saiyan’s DNA sequence, when in Humanoid form, the cells see them as number 6. But when in Great Ape form,
the cells read the DNA sequence as number 9.

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5.) When the cells begin to follow the Great Ape’s DNA sequence, the Saiyan’s humanoid body will begin to change and transform into an Ape.
Since the Great Ape’s DNA sequence instructs that a Saiyan’s size should be gigantic, the cells will follow it and that’s the time when
Cell Division occurs.

What is Cell Division?

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Cell division is the process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. Each daughter is half the size of the parent
cell, but immediately begins growing.

When Cell Division Occurs on a Saiyan’s body, the Cells will Divide rapidly causing the Saiyan to Grow gigantic in no time.
The Green Spectrum Radiation absorbed by the Saiyan will serve as an Energy supply essential for the sudden growth in size and
changes in a Saiyan’s body.

6.) When a Saiyan has transformed successfully on his Great Ape Form, the Saiyan gain the same Pigments found on it’s Eyes
on his Great Ape body as well.

This Pigments could be located at the openings on the Great Ape’s skin surface through which hair grows. This Pigments
will keep absorbing Green Spectrum Radiation from the Moon to supply Energy and to keep the Saiyan Hormones active in regulating the Epigenetic Change so that the Saiyan can stay on his Great Ape Form even though he is not already looking at the Full Moon.

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7.) If the Moon or any Sunlight reflecting source is Destroyed or Gone, the Great Ape’s Body cannot absorb Green Spectrum Radiation Anymore,
which means that the Saiyan Hormones will stop to react and regulate the Epigenetic Change. The Great Ape’s body will also begin to lose energy.
Thus,the Great Ape will revert back to its Humanoid form.
Vegeta’s tail being cut off by Yajirobe.

8.) When the Tail is also cut off while in Great Ape form, the Glands on the Tail that secretes the Saiyan Hormones which regulates the
Epigenetic Change will be gone. Thus, the Saiyan cells will go back on reading the Humanoid DNA sequence making the Great Ape revert back to
its humanoid form as well.
Gohan reverting back to his humanoid form then loses consciousness.

9.) When Saiyans revert back to their Humanoid Form, the extra Cells created when they were in their Great Ape Form will all die. Those Dead cells inside the Saiyan’s body will seep out toxic materials into the surrounding Living cells and tissues which typically cause more damage causing the Saiyan to lose consciousness. As for the Elite Saiyan’s like Vegeta who can control their Great Ape mind, they might still be conscious after reverting back to humanoid form but still they will feel the physical strain caused by the dead cells in their body making them so much weaker than before. It will eventually take the usual time for their body to heal in order to regain their full strength.


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